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Transparent & Accountable Local Government

Input from our community is essential for Waltham's success and continued growth. 

All City Council business, debate and discussion should be open to the public. Open doors and open meetings. 


Investment in our schools and our teachers is imperative for our future.

Work with the School Committee & Educators to ensure we have a curriculum that works for all of our students.

City Planning & Development

We need to create a strategic plan that focuses on Waltham residents, their needs and priorities.

We must support small, local businesses in their recovery from the COVID pandemic.

It's time to make a real plan for Fernald, and all city owned spaces, that all residents can get behind.

Healthy Neighborhoods

We must strengthen our public health by investing in Food Security programs and Mental Health services.

Creation of  long-term plans that protect our open spaces and ensure accessibility for everyone, everywhere must be a priority.

Housing & Transit

Support programs that create affordable homeownership opportunities or reduce rent.

Improve all avenues of transit. Public transit should be as accessible and convenient as driving a car. 

Quality of Life

It is time to solve the rat problem - we need to improve trash and recycling services to reduce the things that attract the nuisances

Seasonal services like snow removal and leaf pick up need to be delivered consistently for all residents in all parts of the city

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