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About John Tracy

My name is John Tracy and I’m not a politician – I’m a volunteer & community leader focused on service.


I came to Waltham nearly 25  years ago to attend Bentley University. My wife and I have built our lives in Waltham and focused much of our energy on service to our community. I am a Director on the Board of Waltham Fields Community Farm, a Waltham Lion and a rider/fundraiser for the Pan Mass Challenge. I’m also a former ‘puppy-raiser’ for Leader Dogs for the Blind, and our career-changed pup, Clover, can still be found working as a Therapy Dog in and around the city.

I’m running for the Ward 4 City Council seat to help bring Transparency, Inclusion and Accountability to our local government. Students need us to prioritize our schools. Our neighbors need progress in solving our Housing and Transit issues. We need a plan to address our city's challenges, embrace its opportunities and make Waltham a place that everyone can call home.


We need to have conversations as Waltham Citizens to understand each other's priorities and find paths forward - I want to have those conversations with you.


Warrendale - Waltham, MA

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